Caroline Manzo Podcast Season 1

Let Caroline tell you something!

From family matters to pop culture and politics, Caroline Manzo regularly dishes her opinions and asks questions about life’s most intriguing topics. Joined by husband Albert, her sportscaster friend Jared Max and others, Caroline leads a must-listen entertaining, lively discussion in each podcast.

Episode 1 “Manzo’d Post-Mortem”

Caroline welcomes sportscaster Jared Max to the podcast. They discuss the first season of Manzo’d with Children. Caroline voices strong opinions about being responsible with social media.

Episode 2 “Football is Dangerous”
Happy Halloween. Real Housewives vs. Manzo’d with Children. The dangers of playing football. The dangers of being married to an NFL player.

Episode 6 “The Cosby Show”

Caroline’s friend, Hala joins Caroline, Albert and Jared to talk about the numerous allegations of sexual abuse by actor, comedian Bill Cosby.

Episode 7 “Merry Un-P.C. X-Mas”

Caroline, Albert and Jared discuss the most controversial topic in America: Ferguson, Missouri, protesters and the media’s coverage. Also, Caroline wonders about Bill Cosby. And, Jared has an idea for a Jewish restaurant.

Episode 8 “The Manzo Christmas”

What are the Manzo holiday traditions? Caroline and Albert share family memories. Carolina loves a big, fat Christmas tree. What are New Year’s Eve party responsibilies.