Caroline Manzo Podcast Season 2

Let Caroline tell you something!

From family matters to pop culture and politics, Caroline Manzo regularly dishes her opinions and asks questions about life’s most intriguing topics. Joined by husband Albert, her sportscaster friend Jared Max and others, Caroline leads a must-listen entertaining, lively discussion in each podcast.

Episode 5 – 3/30/15 “No small parts – Only small players”

Caroline uses a challenge presented to Lauren to explain a teaching point about the power of using one’s voice. Caroline’s advice is to never burn a bridge until you know why you have to burn the bridge. As Jared barks about local taxes, Albert explains why if he was a mayor, he’s only get to serve one term.

Episode 4 – 3/11/15 “Surprise! Is he, or Isn’t he?” (Part 2)

Do “straight” men “know” when they are hitting on a transgendered person? Caroline and her boys — Albert, Albie and Jared discuss deception and its affects on relationships.

Episode 4 – 3/4/15 “Hoboken” (Part 1)

The Manzo Cave is cooking with Albie back in town. He joins Caroline, Albert and Jared to discuss an apartment that he wants to buy. For anybody who currently lives in, has lived in or visited Hoboken, Part 1 of this podcast will fill your appetite as only the finest serving of Jersey fresh mutz can.

Episode 3 – 2/19/15 “When the Limelight Ain’t Enough”

Caroline, Albert and Jared debate why some of our largest celebrities draw negative attention to themselves. Discussion focuses on Kanye West, Madonna, and Brian Williams.

Episode 2 – 2/5/15 “The Importance of Being Bruce Jenner”

With America immersed in the transformation of the former U.S. track superstar from man to woman, Caroline opens a lively, informative discussion by calling on Jared’s insight as an openly gay sportsman. Albert tries to make sense of why the decathlon gold medalist he admired as a teen is transgendering.

Episode 1 – 1/28/15 “What Snowstorm?”

Caroline sounds off about how the un-blizzard effected everybody. Albert doesn’t want to live in a nanny state, and he also bans Michael Moore from The Brownstone. Super Bowl preparations and Deflate-gate. Should the Monday after the Super Bowl be an American holiday?